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Anker is beating Apple and Samsung

Steven Yang quit his job at Google in the summer of 2011 to build the products he felt the world needed: a line of reasonably priced accessories that would be better than the ones you could buy from Apple and other big-name brands. These accessories

Grameenphone Brings Fitbit in Bangladesh

Grameenphone, in association with Contrivance International Limited, recently launched Fitbit in Bangladesh. Fitbit is the undisputed leader in the global health and wearables market. Its range of fitness products, which go by the same name i.e.

Activity tracker as personal medical device

FITBIT SPENT ITS first decade selling activity trackers. With its latest moves, the company is starting to look less like a gear maker selling pricey accessories to fitness buffs and more like a medical-device company, catering to hospitals,

OnePlus 5T sold within 5 minutes on Amazon

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus on Friday said it sold out its newly-launched OnePlus 5T within five minutes of the special one-hour preview sale on Amazon. "We have seen unprecedented customer response to the early access sales, in India as

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